“Can you survive a Horror Film?”

As I’m being guided to my room, I’m blindfolded. All I can hear are whispers, water dripping, the sound of a fridge humming, and a chainsaw in the distance. The door slams and I’m alone. After a minute a deep, booming voice comes over the loudspeaker instructing me to take my blindfold off. I’m in a filthy kitchen with lots of cabinets, drawers, a sink, and fridge that’s chained and locked shut. My imagination goes wild with what could possibly be inside.

No, this isn’t a new horror anthology I’m working on. This is my first experience with an Escape Room. A few of us with That Hashtag Show were lucky enough to experience the HEX Room brought to you by Crossroads Escape Room in Anaheim, California. I’ve never experienced an Escape Room before, but according to USA Today I chose the #1 place in Southern California to do one.

Crossroads Escape Room offers multiple rooms to experience: Fun House, Psych Ward, and the Hex Room. It being October and all, we decided to try our luck and see if we could survive a horror movie! Spoiler Alert – We didn’t. Womp.

The Hex Room is different than the other Escape Rooms; you are split up from your group and challenged to get out of your own individual room first. Then you meet up in the middle and continue to work together to escape completely.

One of the things I loved about the Hex Room is after taking mini quiz you are assigned a Horror Movie Character Stereotype: the jock, the princess, the Nerd, the virgin, and the rebel. There is also a Detective position, but I’ll talk about that one a little later.

Each room is themed specifically to your character; I was the jock (of course). My room was a creepy kitchen I had to rifle through for clues and ultimately and escape. There were 3 locks as well as my Hex Box. Oh, what’s a Hex Box you ask? In a fun escape room horror movie twist, just because your group manages to figure out all the puzzles and get out of the room that doesn’t mean you live. What?! I know! Each character has a Hex Box with another puzzle they must solve in order to get their Survivor Metal. Only then do you escape the rooms and survive a Horror Movie!

Sounds tough right? Don’t worry, it is. This room’s difficulty is rated VERY HARD with a 20% escape rate and 5% survival rate. That makes me even more proud that this was my very first Escape Room and I was the first one to get out of my room. Boom Shakalaka! #NailedIt

The key to survival is COMMUNICATION! Remember the detective I mentioned earlier? Not only does the Detective have their own puzzles to solve, but they are your connection to the “outside world” and the key to helping everyone escape their rooms; without the help of others you will not be able to get out.

The Hex Room at Crossroads was fantastic; the ambiance, the creep factor. My only regret is I wish I hadn’t spend the first 15 minutes afraid to open things and taking my time. I should’ve just mind over mattered it and hit the ground running. Having the Hex Room be my first Escape Room experience definitely set the bar incredibly high for my next Escape Room excursion. Who knew dying could be so much fun! I can’t wait to go back and try again. 

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