As ABC and Marvel’s The Inhumans moves into its second week, the future of the show remains in limbo. At the red carpet premiere of the IMAX release, Kelly had the opportunity to speak with Scott Buck, the Showrunner of the series, about what it was like working on the series and what he’s most excited for the audience to see. Watch the interview below or check out the full transcript.


Kelly: So, you have worked on shows like Dexter which I enjoyed immensely, what was it like working on an adaptation from a book to an adaptation from a comic book.

Scott: I think it was, you know seamless in some ways, I mean working on Dexter was a lot of fun and of course we had the book to base a series upon. And then coming, doing marvels Inhumans, we had not just a book, but we had fifty years’ worth of stories and comic books to mine, you know a tremendous amount of story from.

Kelly: And this show relies heavily on special effects what went into the preparation behind that?

Scott: It’s just working with the best people in the business and not just like one company, I mean we’re working with visual effects houses all over the world and you know our people are some of the best; and when you’re shooting things you know you’re not really seeing the full effect and even when you’re watching it later, you’re still not actually seeing it, it’s like six months later you get to finally see what you’ve written.

Kelly: And what are you most excited for fans to see in the Inhumans?

Scott: I think I just want to love the characters, we have a terrific cast and you know the original characters ever created so long ago are so intriguing and compelling and I hope that that’s what they all gravitate towards.

Kelly: Do you have a favorite character in the show?

Scott: I like them all but Black Bolt is like the coolest, the coolest superhero in the world.

Kelly: And if you were to use one hashtag to describe the show what would it be.

Scott: Big.

Kelly: Wonderful, thank you so much.

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