According to a user on Reddit, the captioning throws up some interesting possibilities in terms of who exactly Snoke and Luke Skywalker are talking to at key moments.

SleepingAran wrote: “I’ve noticed the moment when Snoke says ‘When I found you’, the subtitle uses the feminine ‘you’ which is ‘妳’ as oppose to the gender-neutral ‘you’ which is ‘你’.

“The former is the combination the word ‘女’, which means female and ‘尔’ which means you; while the latter is gender neutral that can be used to indicates female and male, but mainly used for male.

“This means that when Snoke says ‘When I found you’, Snoke is talking to a female character, which in my opinion is most likely Rey at this point.”

It was assumed, given the editing of the clip, that he was talking to Kylo Ren – but does this prove Rey is the subject of his rousing speech?The poster continued: “After that, near the end of the trailer, when Snoke says ‘Fulfill your destiny’, the ‘you’ the subtitle wrote is now ‘你’, which means that Snoke talking to a male character now.“So at this point, Snoke is not probably referring to Kylo or other male characters.”

There’s more – when Luke Skywalker says “This is not going to end the way you think”, it was previously thought he was talking to Rey. Indeed, Star Wars theorist Mike Zeroh had a whole theory suggesting Rey had a physical altercation with him in the lead-up to that moment.

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