*Warning, Spoilers for the first two episodes of Marvel’s The Inhumans*

Medusa has gone through a lot in the first two episodes of the series, a family member (Triton) is either dead or is missing, Maximus staged a coup and in the process shaved her head, and now, she’s stranded on Earth away from Black Bolt who’s been arrested. In the interview below, Serinda Swan discusses what it was like to take on the role and how she approached the character.


Kelly: So, you play royalty on Inhumans

Serinda: I do, yes, the Queen.

Kelly: And how do you think the average person will relate to your character?

Serinda: I think she’s a extremely relatable. I always say she’s a Inhuman in a very human situation. There’s a huge family dynamic, so while we are while we are Royals, it’s a family still, there’s brothers and sisters and there’s issues and there’s clashing and I think that’s what Marvel does great is that they keep that kind humanity in it.

Kelly: And your character has one of the most identifiable traits, her hair.

Serinda: She does, yes.

Kelly: How was your reaction to the anticipation of viewers for your character trait?

Serinda: Oh I love it! The fact that she’s such a loved character, I mean it’s a little daunting obviously, because you know she’s been around since 1965, she’s got history, she exists to many people, sort of like when you read the book you almost don’t ever want to go and see the movie, so it’s our job as actors to bridge that gap and to be able to figure out a way that we can bring our own spin on this character, but still being really honest on who she is in her femininity and how powerful she is, and how it multifaceted she is. So I love it, I love the love.

Kelly: And what was your favorite trait of your character?

Serinda: I think is that femininity. It’s the strength in femininity because her superpower, most of her powers within the MCU are, they’re not gender specific, and hers is. I mean a guy. . . Thor has long hair but, but you know I mean, there’s this, what is classically feminine about her is also her power, which I love, I love that.

Kelly: And what was it like for you working with Marvel on this level?

Serinda: Oh it’s amazing, I mean you kinda always want to work with Marvel in any capacity and so to be able to bring a character that’s so well known. . . it’s just a dream come true, it’s really, it’s really fun, we’re standing here about to see it, so yeah.

Kelly: Were you familiar with Inhumans before taking on the role?

Serinda: I was yes, but very, very little, I definitely had to do my research, I mean I knew a lot of the characters but I didn’t know them as a whole

Kelly: And if you could give this show one hashtag to describe it what would it be?

Serinda: Hashtag Awesome!!

Kelly: Thank you so much.

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