Sameal takes another look inside Mikey’s head in Birthright #27.

The whole gang continues on their train ride to Scotland.  We learn the place they are heading to is called the Untold Temple. Sameal is hoping the priests there can help Mikey.  Knowing more about the moment when Mikey was infected by the Nevermind will help the priests cure him.

The spec ops team have landed on the train and have changed their clothes in order to fit in better.  Their mission and exactly what they want with the family is unclear.  However, it does not appear they are on the family’s side.

I really like this comic, but my same complaints as in past issues are present in this issue.  This story is really dragging along. We have had the last two issues which are just the family riding on a train.  This comic will have an issue or two which move very fast and progress the story.  However,  the next few issues will come to a grinding halt.

This is the 27th issue and we still don’t know what happened with Mikey and Lore and how Mikey lost.  We also don’t know why Mikey got the Nevermind.

My main complaint is yet again I really want to see Terrenos.  That world is so rich in untold stories of Mikey, Rook and Rya.  I really want to see those stories and see the beautiful world of Terrenos.

There is so much which can be done with this story, but it is very start and stop.  I couldn’t blame anyone if they stopped reading because they feel like they are being strung along.  The idea of what can happen at any point is what is keeping me reading.  Once it starts getting good again I won’t be able to put the comic down.

Art in this issue has been superb like the whole series has been.  Adriano Lucas uses bright and vivid colors.  Every page pops out with his coloring.  I noticed his attention to detail in the panels with Mikey using the flaming sword.  He always shaded the correct side of Mikey’s face and the brightness changed as it was closer to his face.  Many colorists wouldn’t take the time to do so.

The team did an amazing job designing Lore.  I think I could run my fingers over the page and feel the bumps of Lore’s skin.  Lore’s mouth is gross in a great way.  I think I can almost smell the blood and rot coming from Lore’s mouth.

This is a successful issue, but I am really hoping this story picks up the pace soon because I know how good this comic can be.






Written by: Joshua Williamson

Art by:  Andrei Bressan and Adriano Lucas

Cover by: Andrei Bressan and Adriano Lucas

Release: 10/11/2017

Issue: 27

Publisher: Image Comics


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