Two teens are tired of being cooped up on Earth and decide to see what space has to offer in Joyride Vol. 1.

Earth is surrounded by a giant forcefield like dome called the SafeSky.  Earth has one government and boasts that Earthlings will never leave.  Everyone seems to live in peace and happiness.  However, two teens have become bored on Earth.  Uma and Dewydd has been formulating a plan to escape their domed prison.

The plan is to get to the moon and circle around to the dark side of the moon.  SafeSky only protects half of the moon and once on the dark side an alien will pick them up.  On their escape a young private named Catrin tries to intercept and ends up on the alien ship too.  However, this is only the start of the adventure.

Joyride Vol. 1 was written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzig with art by Marcus To and Irma Kniivila.  BOOM! Studios published the volume in 2016.

This is a beautiful comic.  The colors are extremely bright and colorful.  A lot of times space is depicted as being very dark with a lot of black and dark colors.  However, Kniivila used a lot of yellows, oranges and blues.  It made this comic very visually appealing.

However, the story was boring as hell.  We are put into this universe and we know nothing.  There is a protective dome around Earth, but not why it’s there.  Was there an attack or is it proventive?  Has Earth ever made contact with aliens?  Uma and Dewydd meet a bunch of aliens and are not freaking out, but maybe they are the first to see aliens in person.  How long has the SafeSky been there and when did the one world government come into being?

These are all burning questions which I really want to know the answers to, but the story seems to shying away from these answers.  I need something to grab onto in this story.  Many stories would have compelling characters to attach to, but this story doesn’t have that either.  The characters have a tiny bit of depth, but not enough to grab onto.  Right now the comic it is like grasping smoke.  

There are a lot of assumptions that I know who people are and know about events,  I don’t so when things are brought up or something major happens it means nothing to me.

This story has potential to be really cool and interesting, but they need to explain a lot of things and make me care about the characters.  The entire story I felt like I skipped a volume and was way behind.

I didn’t hate this comic, but it is missing a key component to make it good and that is story depth.  Everything is done very competently and would have worked well if more plot was included.


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