A silly prank leads to a deadly secret to be revealed in Snow Blind.

Teddy Ruffins feels isolated from his family.  The comic starts with Teddy breaking into a library to read books for the second time.  After the police find him and take him home his parents must punish him.

They punish him by making him attend his dad’s barbecue and socialize with other people.  He has some beers and begins to loosen up.  Teddy’s dad, Billy, gets drunk and passes out.  Some of the guests put lipstick on Billy and take a photo to put on social media.  Teddy’s parents are furious he put the picture on the internet, Teddy doesn’t really understand why.

While Teddy is home alone an intruder tries to break into his house only to be scared off by a dog.  As the intruder runs away he says he is sorry and he didn’t come for him.  This is just another weird thing that keeps happening to Teddy as of late.  Soon after a mysterious woman arrives at the home and asks to talk to his parents alone.  Teddy listens in on the conversation and has a bombshell dropped on him.

When Teddy was a baby the family moved from Louisiana to Alaska.  However, Teddy never knew why.  After he listened in on his parents conversation he learned his family is under witness protection.  Teddy’s silly prank revealed their location and name to the world.

Snow Blind was written by Ollie Masters with art by Tyler Jenkins.  BOOM! Studios published the volume in 2017.

I love crime stories and some of my favorite comics are crime stories, but I did not like this comic.  The base story was interesting and realistic, but the characters and especially Teddy were unrealistic.

Teddy gets really upset that he was never told they were in witness protection and he should be.  He is a teenager and is old enough to know the truth.  Teddy not knowing put the family in danger.  However, the reason he is mad is because they lied to him.  If he knew he would not of posted that picture.  If they told him after the picture was posted he could have prepared himself for possible danger.

This next stuff is spoilers, but this stuff is an example with what is wrong with this comic.  It is revealed that Teddy’s dad was a bad guy and killed some people.  He was put into witness protection because he told on his brother and the people he worked with.  However, these crime bosses he told on aren’t after him it is a ex-cop who had his family killed by Teddy’s dad and uncle.

Teddy is like a secret agent in this comic.  He taps the family phone and dresses up like a doctor in order to talk to the intruder who is in the hospital.  This takes place in a small town where people would know he isn’t a doctor and they may even know who he is.

The most ridiculous part is that after Teddy’s dad went into witness protection to protect his family. However, Teddy wants to kill him.  He is strict and intimidating but he has not done anything that a loving father would not do.  The government has forgiven his crimes, but not Teddy.  Teddy doesn’t even know exactly what his father did.  All we know is he and his brother killed some people, but not why.  It could have been in self defense or in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This is a big spoiler but the comic ends with Teddy shooting his dad in the back.  Teddy’s dad dies trying to protect his son and wife.

I really hated this comic and its plot.  The art by Jenkins is done in a watercolor style which I don’t like, but he did it well.  I have seen some really rough watercolor art in comics, but this is very well done.

This comic has a really poor plot and it was hard for me to not roll my eyes at how unrealistic many of the scenes were.


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