Today Dacre Montgomery tweeted a photo of Nightwing with the no caption. After that the internet went crazy with speculation. Could the Power Ranger and Stranger Things actor be our next Dick Grayson?

The post that was on Twitter and Instagram was taken down immediately which could mean many things. Is this a wish-list role for him or can we read more into it and assume that he is in talks to play the vigilante.

The tweet reached a few thousand people before getting deleted


It was announced that a standalone Nightwing movie was in the works with Chris McKay attached to direct. Mckay recently did the Lego Batman Movie so its no wonder he would like to continue telling the Bat-family story.

As of right now, nothing has been announced but we could only hope to see this actor switch from red spandex to black and blue. Earlier this year Dacre Montgomery showed us he could play a superhero in Lionsgate’s Saban’s Power Rangers. Dacre also hit it big by landing a role in the second season of the super successful Netflix series Stranger Things. so it is not so far off to think that he would be considered as “The Flying Grayson”

What do you think? Who do you want to dawn the black and blue spandex?

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