The new Doctor Who has a new look. As portrayed by Jodie Whittaker, the first woman to take on the vaunted role, the 13th incarnation of the time-and-space-tripping Gallifreyan is all dressed up with everywhere to go.

In a new photo from the BBC, the “Broadchurch” star flaunts shin-skimming, high-waisted teal culottes, mustard suspenders à la the Second and Eleventh Doctors, burnished combat boots, and cobalt-and-white socks. A deep navy shirt with a ballet neckline is embellished at the bust line with mustard, orange and teal stripes — a little Wesley Crusher–adjacent but more likely a reference to the Fifth Doctor’s iconic scarf.

There is, of course, a voluminous overcoat, which no Doctor’s ensemble is complete without. More anorak-like than the stiff, tweedy greatcoats we’ve seen on several Doctors past, Whittaker’s topper features a Fifth Doctor–reminiscent light tan exterior and a dark navy lining trimmed with slimmer versions of the mustard, orange and teal stripes.



The news of Whittaker’s casting was announced back in July when a teaser video made its way around the web, and with the drop of the image, fans are already falling in love with Whittaker and her new look. People on the internet are dissecting the wardrobe, noticing all the nods to previous Doctor’s, from the multi-colored stripes to the boots and coat.

Whittaker will make her first appearance on the Christmas special of DOCTOR WHO on BBC AMERICA.

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