UPDATE: It seems as though Marvel has changed the name of the role since we recorded the audio for this exclusive. Instead of searching for an actor for “Rick Nicholson”, they are now searching for “Ben Jeffreys.” All signs indicate that it’s the same role, with some minor changes.

[AGENT BEN JEFFREYS]38-45, male, please submit Middle Eastern, South Asian, Israeli, Pakistani.  A second-generation American, Ben is deeply committed to both his career and his family.  He’s intelligent, warm and generous by nature but when pushed too far suffers a crisis of conscienceSERIES REGULAR

Also, it seems that in addition to “Steve” and “Ben Jeffreys”, Marvel is looking to cast more FBI agents:

[GORDON]35 – 40, male, open ethnicity, FBI agent…POSSIBLE RECUR
[HIGASHI]35, male, Japanese, FBI agent…POSSIBLE RECUR

Back in August, we delivered a breakdown for a Daredevil Season 3 character we believe will play a major role as an antagonist. [STEVE], who we believe could possibly be Sin-Eater, will be an FBI Agent with a bit of a dark side. With production underway in New York ahead of a November 13th film date (that info courtesy of our friends at MCU Exchange!), Marco Ramirez and his crew are hard at work preparing the cast and, as a result, we have a new character breakdown!

[SPECIAL AGENT RICK NICHOLSON]33-39, of Hindu descent. A second generation American, Rick is deeply committed to both his career and his family. He’s intelligent, warm and generous by nature but when pushed too far, suffers a crisis of conscience. SHOULD BE COMFORTABLE SPEAKING HINDI. SERIES REGULAR.

It’s obvious that Daredevil Season 3 will have a heavy FBI presence and it’s interesting that this agent will be challenged by something that makes him rethink what he’s doing. Will “Rick Nicholson” be the partner of “Steve”, putting him into a major predicament when he discovers his partner’s dark side? If “Steve” is Stanley Carter, could “Rick Nicholson” be his partner and, eventually, fall prey to the Sin-Eater? While we can’t line “Rick Nicholson” up with anyone in particular from the comics, it’s possible that Marvel TV has taken a character like Harold Driver, an FBI agent who investigated Murdock after being told that Murdock was Daredevil.

While we aren’t entirely sure whether or not “Rick Nicholson” is a new character made for the show or an existing comic book character we can’t identify, we do know he has a family and we believe we have located an audition video for his wife. In the video below, actress Pia Shah auditions for a role in “Ringside”, the working title for Daredevil. During the audition, Shah speaks both English and Hindi, indicating she could well be speaking to “Rick.”

We are making quite a few logic leaps here, but we also find ourselves wondering if a story with such a major FBI presence may not introduce another new character to the mix: private investigator and former FBI agent Angela del Toro. Ever since her name was dropped in Jessica Jones, fans have been eagerly awaiting a White Tiger arc and Daredevil is the perfect place to introduce the hero! We may get some answers soon through leaked pictures and official casting announcements, but given the amount of info we do NOT have about the cast of the new season of Jessica Jones, we may also have to wait!

Who do you guys think “Rick Nicholson” is? Let us know!!


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