Supergirl is no stranger to extra-terrestrial drama, but after last season’s alien heavy storyline season three has so far kept things pretty Earthbound. Aside from a brief detour to Mars, the opening episodes of Supergirl have focused on human—rather than alien—antagonists, like Morgan Edge, a cult of Supergirl worshippers, and Maggie’s dad. But fret not, E.T. fans, because we’ve got another exclusive casting breakdown to share that shows Supergirl won’t be giving up on alien action anytime soon.

Here’s the breakdown:

[TORMOCK] Female, 20s-40s, open ethnicity.  A warrior of Amazonian stature, jacked, tough and brutal, she is a fierce alien prisoner. Dangerous and angry, she gets into a violent fight…GUEST STAR


In the comics, Tormock is the name of an entire race, not a single character, so we can assume that the character will have a different name. The Tormocks are a race of shapeshifting fascists that can not only alter their appearance but also absorb inanimate objects and incorporate them into their physiology.

Used briefly as villains in the old Guy Gardner: Warrior comic from the 90s, the Tormocks—or at least one of them—will be making the jump to Supergirl. We don’t have any plot details beyond what’s in the description, but that still provides some interesting fodder for speculation. The character’s described as a prisoner; a prisoner where? Who is imprisoning her? She gets in a fight; who is she fighting?

This probably isn’t gonna happen, but here’s my pie in the sky theory: ever since the Black Mercy showed up in the season one episode “For the Girl Who has Everything” I’ve been hoping Mongul and Warworld would make an appearance. Is it too much to hope that this Tormock is a prisoner on Warworld? Probably, but a man can dream.

Are you excited to see a Tormock on Supergirl? Did you even know what a Tormock was before you read this article? Let us know in the comments.

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