It’s looking likely that the Justice League opening weekend box office will be a lot lower than expected. Following the $13 million opening on Thursday, it’s reported the Friday box office (which includes Thursday) comes in at $38 million, which may mean Justice League could finish around $93 million, which is lower than the anticipated $115 million.

Justice League has been bumped up by just a bit over at Rotten Tomatoes, but it’s still rather low at 40%. The movie also has a B+ CinemaScore.

The current numbers for Justice League:

U.S.:  $38,800,000

Foreign: $70,700,000

Total: $109,500,000

Although I had issues with the film I didn’t hate it. A lot of people expected a Zack Snyder film but I honestly think he’s run his course in the DCCU. What did you guys think of the film?

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