Justice League is off to a good start at the box office with a $13 million opening start for Thursday night previews.

The number is ahead of Wonder Woman‘s  $11 million for Thursday but trails Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok‘s ($14.5 million), and Suicide Squad ($20.5 million), Batman v Superman ($27.7 million) and Man of Steel ($21 million). It should also be noted the $13 million is ahead of the estimates, which were around $11 million. Justice League is also estimated to have an opening of around $115 for the weekend. Its foreign box office current sits at close to $30 million; further numbers will come in by Saturday and the end of Sunday.

Over at Rotten Tomatoes, Justice League currently sits at $39 million, with 221 reviews counted: 87 Fresh to 135 Rotten; 86% of fans have stated they liked it.

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