Now, I’m old enough to remember the old Super Mario Bros. cartoon/ variety series that featured WWE Hall Of Famer, Captain Lou Albano. The show featured animated adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. Now, Nintendo looks poised to bring a Super Mario back in animated form. Nintendo has been loosening up recently. First, with its crossover with Rabbid’s for the Nintendo Switch and now it seems that Universal could be making a Super Mario animated film with the filmmakers of Despicable┬áMe attached.

THR reports that the project will be a lot less campy and will be in the hands of Universal Pictures’ Illumination Entertainment, which is the same studio that produced the Despicable Me franchise. The studio currently has a full plate and are hard at work on Minions 2, so it could be a while before we get the classic video game plumber back in animated form, but this is still exciting news, none the less. Stay tuned right here for any updates on the animated Super Mario film.



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