Samael decides to take another look into Mikey’s memories after he came so close to the answer last time in Birthright #28.

In the last issue Samael learned Mikey’s subconscious is trying to keep him out.  However, Samael will not rest until he finds why Mikey took on the Nevermind.

We saw after Mikey battled with Lore he is taken to be healed.  The actual battle was not shown, but I bet it was a good one.

Lore reveals his true form of a regular looking guy with a gray beard.  We knew Lore was the original savior of Terrenos and is Mastema’s father.  However, we didn’t know what he looked like or if he is and orc or something.

Mikey is given the tour of Lore’s home and we see in the heart is a beautiful garden.  He is slowly getting corrupted by Lore or so it appeals.

Samael is watching all of this happen as a silent bystander while he watches the past in Mikey’s memories.  Even Samael who is a powerful mage and knows just what Lore is capable of can’t figure Lore out.  He knows Lore is being deceitful, but he can’t figure out his plan.

While all this is going on one of those special ops like people have moved in on Aaron.  They are having a casual conversation and he is trying to get Aaron to open up about what exactly they are doing on the train and where they are going.  However, this all changes when Rya approaches and smells blood on them.

I really liked this issue and also disliked it.  The pace last few issues has been very slow.  In each issue almost nothing would happen, but this issue was a bit different.  Nothing really happened in this issue, but it set up a lot of plot development which will happen next issue.

We will finally see what happened which lured Mikey over to the “dark” side.  Once it is revealed hopefully Samael can find a way to extract the Nevermind from Mikey.  When that is done it is war on Lore and I will finally get to see more of Terrenos.  All I have wanted for dozens of issues is to see Terrenos and learn more about it.

I wish I could have seen what that battle between Lore and Mikey looked like.  Mikey is a badass fighting machine, but he almost never fights.

This issue was a success and lead the reader right up until it is going to really pick up and be awesome.  In the next issue hopefully the reader will learn why Mikey joined Lore’s side.

I really liked this issue but for me pacing is the major problem with this series.  When the story really picks up it is amazing.  Art is excellent and has been throughout the series.  This is a skippable issue, but I doubt the next one will be.






Written by: Joshua Williamson

Art by:  Andrei Bressan and Adriano Lucas

Cover by: Andrei Bressan and Adriano Lucas

Release: 11/8/2017

Issue: 28

Publisher: Image Comics

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