It’s taken a while but finally, we’ve been given our first glimpse of Alden Ehrenreich in full Han Solo get-up in the Han Solo movie. The catch? It’s on a great big movie cup. Who’d have guessed it, paying extortionate prices for theatre snacks actually pays off in the long run.

The pic in question comes from a Twitter user (via Making Star Wars) and while it sure looks like one of those cheap, knock-off (totally not legal) murals you find at nursery or kindergarten, I’m guessing that this is legit. Otherwise Disney would be suing that cinema chain into the next century.

Carrying a hint of charm and that trademark smarmy smile, Ehrenreich manages to pull off playing the lovable rogue in just this image alone. He’s even decked out in full-on trademark Han Solo gear. It was obvious it was going to happen: Han isn’t Han without the off-white shirt, oversized belt and sweet jacket. Now, though, I’m just concerned that he’s worn the same outfit every day for 50 years…


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