As Star Wars fans await the release of The Last Jedi this Christmas, speculation is rife over the reveal of Rey’s parentage. One of the most popular theorists is that Rey is Luke’s daughter. Now Hamill, who plays Luke, has been posting a series of cryptic tweets to troll his Star Wars fans. One of the most recent is a picture of Luke from the original trilogy and one of Rey in The Force Awakens. Both characters are pulling the same face which Hamill called “Squnge Face.”

He captioned the tweet: “Who wore it better? #SqungeFace#aMAZingREYsemblence #AnotherClueForYouAll#GlassOnion

The main point of interest in his message is firstly making a pun out of Rey for resemblance, but also the fact that Maz is capped up. Fans will know Maz Kanata, a 1000-year-old humanoid alien, who had Luke’s blue lightsaber in her possession.


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