Is Luke even a Jedi anymore? The iconic character stunned fans when he declared that the Jedi Order “must end” in the very first teaser trailer for Episode 8. All the promotional materials, footage, and merchandise have carefully avoided showing him using or even holding a lightsaber until the very latest poster –  and many are convinced he has renounced the weapon along with his Jedi creed. But Mark Hamill may have already given the game away and scenes reported from the set in Ireland indicate Luke will pick up the Skywalker lightsaber at the most dramatic moment possible.

A leaked video showed Hamill telling fans about his training for the movies and confirming he was practicing one particularly important skill. He said:

“We go to classes and that’s all we do. They go,’Let’s do the lightsaber drills.'”

Another source reported that the actor was spotted filming in Ireland: “Hamill was spotted by the locals over there using a green rod.” This all ties in perfectly with numerous reports that Act Three of The Last Jedi will feature a spectacular showdown between Luke, Rey and Kylo Ren. One detailed report described how Kylo Ren would duel with Rey, who will be using the classic Skywalker lightsaber, Kylo will defeat her, leaving her hanging over the edge of the cliffs on Ahch-To. This would be the perfect moment for Luke to overcome his new aversion to Jedi tools and dramatically call the family lightsaber to his hand.

Star Wars theorist explains how it is possible that Luke will use the old blue Skywalker lightsaber, or the later green one that Rey found in Maz Kanata’s castle. He says:

“That green rod that Hamill is using could be the traditional green lightsaber last seen in Return of the Jedi, or it could serve as a greenscreen with the color later altered to blue. Those Last Jedi posters showed both Luke and Rey wielding the hilt of the original (blue) Skywalker lightsaber, that belonged to Anakin before he turned to the Dark Side.”



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