Reported by Inside The Magic, through the LEGO Ideas program, a Tron: Legacy Light Cycle set has been approved for production. This project was submitted by LEGO Idea users (and LEGO YouTube personalities) BrickBros UK, and they describe the set as following:

“The “TRON” Light Cycle cycle is based on the Disney “TRON: Legacy” film and consists of a TRON Light Cycle with a user minifigure Sam Flynn. It also comes with a Grid base to mount the Light Cycle on for display.

The Light Cycle allows a minifigure to easily fit into and clip onto the handles. The light cycle itself has a console in front of the user, two handle bars, and detailing down the sides. There is also a power stream behind connected to the light cycle. The Sam Flynn minifigure comes in a TRON suit with helmet and disc connected on the back of the minifigure for added detail. The Light Cycle can easily be mounted on to the Grid base with two connection points and the base has the Grid effect with black and trans-blue tiles creating a TRON feel and has a medium azure trim for finish.”


Now that this set has been approved, LEGO is going to modify it, as they always do with all approved LEGO idea projects. And it should be released in stores sometime in 2018. Below are some more pictures of what the set should look like:

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