Screen show of musical number Yorktown from HamiltonIt’s usually around this time we start seeing our social media feeds filled with similar messages like this, “Goodbye 2017, you sucked but I hope 2018 will be better.” I’m here to tell you that 2018 is already looking to be a jolly year for all “Hamilton” fans. The mastermind himself, Lin-Manuel Miranda, announced the creation of Hamildrops. Hamildrops is a new series of “Hamilton” content to be released monthly in the following year.  The announcement comes a year after Lin promised a second volume for “The Hamilton Mixtape.”

Album cover for The Hamilton Mixtape“The Hamilton Mixtape” was an interesting collaboration between the beloved songs from Hamilton the musical and a wide range of talented celebs. This mixtape not only allowed fans a fresh, new take on their favorite songs, but it also showed us a glimpse into Lin’s original concept, Hamilton the hip-hop album. As well as giving opportunity to stars like Kelly Clarkson, Nas, the Roots, Alicia, Keys, Jimmy Fallon and others to sprinkle a little of their style and perform songs that meant something to them. Kelly Clarkson’s rendition of Quiet Uptown is by far one of the most beautiful songs to listen to, even if you never saw “Hamilton.” Which was another positive for the release of “The Hamilton Mixtape,” because it opened the door to a whole new wave of fans.

Lin-Manuel Miranda explains in a statement dropped last Friday:

“A year ago this month we released The Hamilton Mixtape. It was the culmination of so many dreams come true. Every artist, every interpretation represented the original impulse I had for this story, even before this thing was a musical. I know I promised you a Hamilton Mixtape Vol. 2, but nothing’s gonna match those songs in that order, beautifully sequenced by @J.period, at that moment in December 2016.ALL THAT BEING SAID… I STILL HAVE ALL THIS DOPE NEW SH*T TO SHARE WITH YOU. So today, we begin THE HAMILDROPS.”

He goes on to explain that every month they are going to drop new Hamilton content starting December 2017 through December 2018. SOMETHING NEW, EVERY MONTH!! If you think your mind is blown now my Hamilton fans, wait until you hear the first Hamildrop, Ben Franklin’s Song.

Lin continued,

Photo of The Decemberists ” ‘member how I said I once wrote some Decemberists-esque lyrics for a Ben Franklin tune, but never set ‘em to music? So I sent the lyrics to @ColinMeloy. And HE set it to music as only he and his crew can. It absolutely blew me away. Went BACK to write lyrics for a bridge for him. He took it to @The Decemberists & they brought Ben Franklin to life. So enjoy BEN FRANKLIN’S SONG. Music by The Decemberists, Lyrics by yours truly.”

Not only does this song rekindle the joy I felt when I first discovered “Hamilton”, but it has been stuck in my head for days! Listen to the song and let us know how you feel about Hamildrops and Ben Franklin’s Song.

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