CHARLES XAVIER A.K.A PROFESSOR X played by Bryan Cranston

Last, but certainly not least we need to cast our leader of the X-Men, Professor Charles Xavier. This is where things are starting to get a little screwy, because if we take into account that he may have been born in 1932, and the X-Men may come into play in current times then that will make the telepathic mutant 85-86 years old. Now I know Stan Lee is kicking around at the ripe age of 95 years old, but as we’ve seen in Logan he may be going downhill at this point. So for the point of this we could be dealing with an out of commission if not dead Charles Xavier when we first meet the X-Men team. Cyclops and Storm can certainly handle the team as they have several times in the comics. Since the theatrical Power Rangers franchise seems dead in the water we should give Bryan Cranston another shot at guiding another team.

Xavier is another omega level mutant who has been known to do corrupt actions for either his own gain or what he perceives to be for the greater good. His telepathic powers has subjected him to losing him own self  to another entity whether that be Cassandra Nova or Onslaught. The perfect showcase for this kind of character arc is the performance that Bryan Cranston gave as Walter White in the AMC show Breaking Bad.

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