I think we can all agree that James Marsden got the short end of the stick in X-Men: The Last Stand, and if you are familiar with the actor’s work then you will know that none of that was his own fault. Scott Summers is a certified douchebag (as are most male characters in X-Men), but he also exhibits high intelligence and strong leadership skills in the comics. Analytically, he could be the Captain America, Reed Richards, and Superman to the X-Men, but is fundamentally flawed which makes him a more compelling character. Who fits this bill the best? Jon Hamm.

This one may not be fair since I am trying to include those who would realistically play these characters, and Hamm has already stated that he is not interested in playing a blockbuster superhero. However, minds can change with the right script, and money. In his role as Don Draper in the critically acclaimed series Mad Menthe actor has already showcased many of Scott’s key traits, and throughout the series you’re not sure whether to sympathize with the guy or write him off. Action is also no stranger to the Emmy Award winner. He played a spy in Keeping up with the Joneseswhich also starred Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot,  and he played a crooked thief in this summer’s sleeper hit Baby Driver. 

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