ORORO MONROE A.K.A STORM played by Naomie Harris

The studio and filmmakers have faced a backlash when it comes to the casting of the African-American mutant, and that backlash is, colorism. Many films deal with the criticism where black actors are cast, because they appear ethnically ambiguous. This was the case for Halle Berry back in the 90s, and filmmakers also got a bonus because she was also a decent actress. This is the case for actors such as Zoe Kravitz, Zendaya, and most recently Zoe Saldana who endured makeup that was at least two shades darker than her own to portray the prestigious singer, Nina Simone. This is currently the backlash for Alexandra Shipp who portrays the younger Ororo Monroe. Before Shipp was officially cast in the role, many people thought that the series would right its wrongs and cast a darker skinned actress such as Lupita N’yongo as Storm, but obviously that was not meant to be. The Oscar winner is also not my first choice only because I haven’t seen the gravitas it takes to pull off such a character from her. An actress who would blow Berry, and Shipp’s portrayals away is…..Naomi Harris.

Best friends with Jean, wife of T’Challa, sometimes lover of Wolverine, leader of the X-Men, you can picture Naomie balancing all of those roles without a doubt. Acting since the young age of 11 you may have seen the British actress here and there, most notably in Pirate of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Tales and At World’s End, and in the James Bond films, Skyfall, and Spectre. Let’s also not forget about her unrecognizable turn in the Best Picture film, Moonlight.

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