ANNA MARIE A.K.A ROGUE played by Alison Brie

Just like her romantic counterpart Rogue has also been on either side of the ethical scale in the X-Men universe. Her mutant power cursed her with the ability to suck a person’s life force or mutant power by a simple touch of her skin, which if she held on long enough could actually kill that person. The first boy Anna Marie kissed was put into a coma, and her abilities of superhuman strength, and flight were stolen from Carol Danvers. Who can exude strength, beauty, and inner conflict best? Alison Brie.

Alison Brie had wonderful comedic turns in Community, Scream 4, and also starred in Mad Men for several seasons. At the time she churned out good performances, but wasn’t really turning heads until her starring role as actress turned wrestler, Ruth Wilder, in Netflix’s Glow. That’s a good repertoire right there to qualify her to play the Southern Belle.


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