JUBILATION LEE A.K.A JUBILEE played by Karen Fukuhara

Jubilee is one of the youngest X-Men members who tends to play sidekick alongside the gruff Wolverine. Just like most of the aforementioned characters, Jubilee was not given her due in the Fox films despite being a large presence in the animated series. It was also a chance for Singer to prominently feature a character of asian descent into something other than a throwaway, but alas he did just that. A big deal was made about her inclusion into the main cast during X-Men: Apocalypse, but again her display of powers were pushed to the deleted scenes section, and she did…absolutely….nothing. MCU please bring in Karen Fukuhara.

If that name doesn’t seem familiar it’s because the actor doesn’t have much to her name except for a little known film called, Suicide SquadKaren portrayed the deadly swordswoman, Katana. Although her inclusion in that film was generally unnecessary she stood out as one of the highlights with fans casually mentioning that they would see a Katana origin story. Her age would bring the youthful spirit that the character requires while you would believe that she could hold her own in battle. The character has one of the showiest powers in the X-Men universe, it must be brought to the big screen.

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