While Fox Studios spent the season grabbing headlines with them being acquired by Disney and their new trailers for The New  Mutants and The Untitled Deadpool Sequel, pre-production for Gambit has continued to barrel forward as the X-Men spin-off looks to film in a few mere months.

The underdog production has endured its ups and downs over the past few years. However it appears that with newly acquired director Gore Verbinski firmly onboard, Gambit is on track to screen in a Cineplex near you in a little over a year’s time. We have previously brought you character breakdowns for Gambit’s primary cast and we have found another juicy morsel to add to the growing production.


A new casting breakdown has surfaced that may signal another adversary for Remy LeBeau, aka Gambit, to overcome in his solo debut. Our previous report signaled the heavy presence of Marvel Comics’ fan favorite Mr. Sinister as one of the film’s primary villains, as well as a host of deadly assassins to contend with. However, it looks like LeBeau will have yet another rival to contend with in Gambit:


Supporting Character (30-40) Rosa’s fiancé, villain with metrosexual charm. Should be physically imposing.

It’s a common practice for studios to obscure a comic character’s true identity during the casting process. However, if Gambit’s source material is taken into account, “Butler’s” true identity points in a clear direction.

In the comics, after Gambit and Bella Donna Boudreaux’s intense love affair she moves on to another relationship with Donyell Taylor, who also goes by the code names Night Thrasher and Bandit. Years later, Gambit returns to find Bella Donna in an unsavory relationship with the former New Warrior and he ultimately reveals Bandit’s manipulative control over her.


It’s unclear exactly how the character will fit into the film, however, ambit is slated for a Valentine’s Day release in 2019, so additional romantic rivals seem like a logical inclusion. Little is known about the movie’s plot, however, it’s easy to imagine Taylor as an early obstacle for Lebeau to overcome while wooing his first love Bella Donna. However, it’s not clear to us if Night Thrasher/Bandit is indeed a Fox-owned Marvel character, as he made his first appearances in his own comic and The New Warriors. But in any case, this is just further confirmation that Gambit film is steaming forward and we should have a lot more to talk about in the near future.


Gambit is slated to open on February 14th, 2019.

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