2 – “Infinity” 

Avengers Infinity War Marvel Comics Influences

This 2013 storyline from Jonathan Hickman sees a two-pronged storyline, where Thanos and his Black Order attack Earth, while The Avengers are away in space, dealing with another threat. It culminates with The Avengers rushing back to Earth and splitting into smaller teams to free Earth from the various members of The Black Order, and shut Thanos down.

It’s clear from The Infinity War trailer that the basic premise of the “Infinity” storyline has been refitted to serve as the basic premise of the Avengers: Infinity War film. Thanos and The Black Order attack Earth on various fronts, looking to gather the various Infinity Stones that are hidden on the planet. Some of the Avengers will be off in space and need to rush home (Thor, Star-Lord, Hulk), others will need to emerge from seclusion (Captain America, Black Widow, Winter Soldier) and some will need to defend themselves, when the threat arrives on their doorstep (Doctor Strange, Vision, Black Panther).

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