Few characters in the history of Cinema have been able to express the amount of raw emotion as the BB series astromech droid known as BB8. BB8 made its first appearance on the big screen in 2015’s  Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Known for being extremely helpful in tough situations, this BB unit is also the source of some of the films best comedic moments and it is no different in Rian Johnson’s entry to the series, The Last Jedi. Here are a few of our favorite scenes with BB8. **Spoiler alert** If you haven’t seen the new film yet and don’t want to be spoiled, you should stop reading now . . . and then come back.

BB-8 Gets Blowed Up:

The First Order is after the Rebels and is closing in on their ship. As Poe and BB8 are speeding towards a fighter, the flight deck is hit with a blast sending Poe and BB8 flying out of the room. The camera shows us Poe lying on the floor stunned by the blast and BB8’s headpiece separated from the rest of his body, making us believe that he may have been destroyed. That fear quickly subsides however when his body rolls up and reconnects with his head.

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