During the 70’s the female roles in any movie were almost always the same. Probably the one shining light that came out of this era was Carrie Fisher. It is easy to see that Carrie Fisher was in a league of her own. She was not by any means like any other woman in the Hollywood.  This may have been the reason that she was chosen by George Lucas to be our Princess Leia. In a way, Princess Leia and Carrie Fisher were the exact same person.

Fisher natural personality was what we grew to love from Star Wars. She was strong, bold, funny and smart. Fisher never backed down from anything on set and she was shameless. This is exactly what Princess Leia was she was not your typical damsel in distress. She totally ignored what anyone said or any judgment that came her way. She was loved on set during the original films and was revered by many during the filming of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.

During a press conference, the female cast members were asked what role or impact Carrie Fisher/Leia played on their lives growing up.

Gwendoline Christie (Captain Phasma) was the first to answer.

” She’s really interesting, shes really smart, shes really funny, she’s courageous, Shes bold, she doesn’t care what people think, and she isnt prepared to be told what to do. and she doesn’t look the same as a sort of homogenized presentation of a woman that we had been used to seeing.”

She goes on to express how excited she was to see her costume and how it didn’t describe her femininity in terms of the shape of her body.  Gwendoline Christie was grateful for the opportunity to carry on what Carrie Fisher had started so many years. ago.

Laura Dern( Vice Admiral Holdo)  answered to how bold and unapologetic Carrie Fisher was.

“People speak about people who are brave or fearless, but not they would be without shame and that’s what moved me the most about the icon she gave us”

While Daisy Ridley went on to say how although she is gone she instilled all those great qualities in her daughter Billie.

“Bringing up a daughter who is all of those qualities and then some, in this world I think it speaks volumes to what she did as her in the spotlight and also her as Leia”

Lastly, Kelly Marie Tran(Rose) went on to speak to how courageous Carrie was and how to courageous it was to be yourself.

“I think that something about Carrie that i really look up was just how much courage it takes to truly be yourself when youre on a public platform or when possibly a lot of people will be looking at you.”

Obviously, although Carrie Fisher is gone she has opened many doors for the next generation of actresses. In a way, Carrie Fisher wasn’t just playing Princess Leia but she is Princess Leia. She gave girls hope that they didn’t need to play the same old role. Little Girls watching these movies will have strong female characters to look up to and to strive to be like. This was all because of Carrie Fisher. Some of the girls that she inspired grew up to carry on her legacy and this will be a tradition that Star Wars hopes to carry on.




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