A zombie plague is ravaging Riverdale and it is up to Archie and gang to put a stop to it in Afterlife With Archie Vol. 1.

It begins like all things with Jughead.  Jughead comes to Sabrina Spellman’s home aka Sabrina the teenage witch.  He is holding his dog, Hot Dog in his arms after being hit by a car.  Jughead needs Sabrina to try to save his dog.

Sabrina and her two aunts try their hardest to save Hot Dog, but it is too late.  Once the dog breathed its last breath it was beyond recovery.  Jughead leaves obviously very sad after losing his dog.

However, Sabrina felt very sorry for Jughead and decides to use the forbidden Necronomicon to try to revive Hot Dog.  Later that night Sabrina flies to Jughead’s window and tells him how they will bring his dog back.

Jughead must bury Hot Dog and she will perform the spell.  Sabrina’s aunts find out what she has done and banish her. Jughead wakes up the next morning to find Hot Dog alive, but Hot Dog looks different and bites Jughead on the arm.

After missing school that day Archie decides to check on Jughead.  He finds Jughead sick in bed with his arm bandaged.  Jughead tells Archie to stay away from Hot Dog no matter what.  Jughead is too sick to go to the Halloween dance at school, but everyone else is there in full costume.

A later bit later Jughead shows up in a great zombie costume, but then attacks his girlfriend and starts eating her.  In the chaos more and more people are being bit and turning into zombies.  The gang goes to Veronica’s mansion to formulate a plan and call for help.

Afterlife With Archie Vol. 1 was written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa with art by Francesco Francavilla and Jack Morelli.  Archie Horror published the volume in 2014.

This comic was absolutely amazing.  I am not a big Archie fan and I have only seen half an episode of Riverdale, but I could follow the story very easily.  All the important characters’ motives are explained and I never was confused who was who.  All the characters are very different and distinct.

Archie is known as being very campy, but this had a very complex story.  This had a lot of very emotional moments as well. There is a scene when Archie and Jughead introduce their dogs when they were little kids and it is very touching.  Veronica’s butler has a very touching scene as well.

I couldn’t believe what a high level the story was.  Sacasa took this comic very serious and told an amazing story.  It had a lot of heart and suspense, but also had complicated relationships explored.  I like the characters and grew to really care about them.  This is hard to do in just one volume and to make it even more difficult there are quite a few characters in the volume.

Art was a big part of why I decided to read this comic.  Francavilla is an amazing artist and I knew even if I didn’t love the story the art would be top notch.  The art is very minimalist with only two or three colors on the page, but it works well with the horror aspect.  It gives the comic a black and white feel without it being so.

The horror in this comic is top notch, but the story itself is also amazing.  I am recommending this comic to everyone I can.  This is just so good and I couldn’t help to keep muttering to myself “wow” throughout me reading it.


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