Barry Allen aka Flash wakes up at his desk at work and soon discovers things are a little off in Flashpoint.

Allen’s boss wants to find evidence on Central City’s greatest hero, Citizen Cold, not being so heroic.  When Allen corrects him and says Captain Cold no one knows what he is talking about.  Allen tries to use his super speed, but finds he doesn’t have super speed.  While running out of the building he trips and falls at his not so dead mother’s feet.

This is when he knows something very weird is going on.  Allen confesses to his mom he is the Flash, but she has no idea who that is.  He then asks about the Justice League and Superman, but then again she doesn’t know who they are.  However, when he asks about Batman she confirms his existence.

One thing in this world seems the same for Allen.  Good old Batman still there and kicking butt.  Allen breaks into the Batcave and Batman beats the crap out of him and then Allen tells Bruce to stop.  However, this just makes Batman even more pissed. It turns out in crime alley Bruce was shot and killed.  Bruce’s father Thomas takes up the mantle of Batman.

Batman and Allen work together to return Allen back to his reality and find out exactly why this happened.

The other big change in this universe is a brewing war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman.  This war is about to hit full force and the rest of Earth is caught in the crossfire.

Cyborg is recruiting heroes and villains to fight the two sides and end the war.  However, almost everyone is waiting to hear if Batman joins.  If he joins everyone will fight, but if not no one will.  However, Batman is reluctant to join.

Flashpoint was written by Geoff Johns.  Art is by Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope, Jesse Delperdang and Alex Sinclair.  Dc Comics published the volume in 2013.

I am a big fan of the Flash television show and they did a version of this story.  However, only the most basic elements are the same.

It is always cool to see an alternate universe story and this delivers.  I never knew who would be different or how.  At every corner the world was just different enough to give Allen a hard time getting back.

The story was very compelling and interesting.  Thomas Wayne as Batman was so cool and I just want to see how different he is.  He kills without a second thought and is even mad at Cyborg for saving a criminal he dropped from a rooftop.  Lucky for me their is a volume with just Flashpoint Batman which I will need to read soon.

This was just a little look at this very deep world which looks amazing and I wanted to see more.  They have a bunch of side books which explore other characters in Flashpoint.  I wish more comics did this with alternate universes because I love that stuff.

The art style I don’t like.  I know Kubert is very well regarded and loved by fans, but I hate that style.  If you like that style then enjoy, but it is too shiny for me.

I had a lot of fun with this comic and it provides a nice enclosed story.  The story was a little short, but has other books to fill in those gaps.  This is a great book for Flash fans young and old.


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