Deadpool and Hawkeye team up to solve a mystery and save some lives in Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool.

It is Halloween and the word on the street is Hawkeye gives out the full size candy bars.  Needless to say Clint Barton is real popular that night.  However, he is only giving out the fun-size candy.  Deadpool comes to Barton’s door with his wife and daughter.  His daughter complains about the small candy too.  

One of his guests is a young man named Jeremy.  Jeremy has a thumb drive he needs to give to an Avenger, but Hawkeye is the best he can do.  Barton is already in a bad mood from Deadpool and the kids complaining about fun-sized candy, but after that insult he slams the door in his face.  Jeremy is in desperate need to get rid of the thumb drive.

As he is walking he comes upon Deadpool, his wife and daughter.  This is as good as Jeremy is going to get so he drops the drive in Deadpool’s Halloween pumpkin.  Hawkeye then comes rushing past Deadpool and chasing after Jeremy.  Deadpool follows to help Hawkeye, but they are too late as Jeremy is already dead.  

A battle then ensues with a fake Punisher and a fake Daredevil.  Both keep repeating “I am a patriot.”  They have been brainwashed so Deadpool and Hawkeye try to take it easy on them.

Our unlikely duo began to investigate Jeremy’s death and what they find is shocking.  Jeremy hacked into S.H.I.E.L.D and got the names and addresses of everyone there.  However, he realized this was a mistake and tried to give it to Hawkeye.

Deadpool and Hawkeye work on solving who was behind Jeremy’s death and the brainwashing.  Eventually Kate Bishop aka Hawkeye joins in to help.

Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool was written by Gerry Duggan and art by Matteo Lolli.  The comic was published by Marvel comics in 2015.

This comic was so much fun.  Deadpool is always a fun read and along with the lovable loser who is Barton this is a blast.  This comic’s Hawkeye is Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye aka Hawkguy.  

Fraction’s Hawkeye is a street level hero and not great at his job.  However, we all love Hawkguy.

Duggan should write more Hawkeye because he has his voice down perfectly.  The combination of Hawkeye and Deadpool was really entertaining and they work very well together.  This comic was really funny, but also had some high stakes.  

Barton is deaf and it was interesting to see them always go back to that.  Deadpool had to wear his mask over his mouth so Barton could read his lips.

My only complaint is I wanted to see Deadpool showcase his fighting skills.  He is expert level at swordsmanship, hand to hand combat and marksmanship.  However, he never shows that and it is not just this comic but every Deadpool comic I’ve read.  I just want to read Deadpool being badass.  This is just a personal complaint.

Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool is the perfect little comic.  It is funny, full of action and has a good story.  This is a must read for Marvel fans.



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