Dead Light Elves begin to litter space and damage the Roxxon weather space station, but Thor will find out why in The Mighty Thor Vol. 1: Thunder In Her Veins.

The Thor we know and love, Thor Odinson, was deemed unworthy of his hammer Mjolnir.  He then went missing, but a new Thor has stepped up and taken his place, Jane Foster.  Foster was Thor’s ex-girlfriend and knows Asgardian ways as good as anyone else.  

However, Foster has cancer and after each time she transforms into Thor her chemo treatment is removed.  The power of Thor removes all toxins and that includes chemotherapy drugs.  

No one knows Foster is Thor and she is hated by all of Asgardia as a thief and an impostor.  She must prove to everyone she is worthy and just as good as Thor Odinson was.

Odin has gone mad and locked up his wife, Freyja.  All who oppose Odin are being locked up as he shuts out the rest of the realms.

Foster is the representative of Midgard and asks The Congress of Worlds to look into the Light Elves death.  She believes the Dark Elves along with Malekith are massacring the Light Elves.  However, the other realm’s representatives refuse to offer assistance without proof and the Dark Elves deny involvement.

Thor decides to look into this matter herself and to see just how deep the problem goes.  Can the “impostor Thor” save the Light Elves and maybe the other nine realms by herself?

The Mighty Thor Vol. 1: Thunder In Her Veins was written by Jason Aaron with art by Russell Dauterman.  Marvel published the volume in 2016.

I enjoyed this volume.  It was interesting to see Foster in that role.  She speaks like an Asgardian, but also has her human side seep into her sentences.  

It is interesting to see the dynamic as Foster struggled with her human self and as Thor.  She has cancer and the treatment is not taking because she is keeps becoming Thor.  If she keeps becoming Thor she will die from cancer, but if she doesn’t become Thor the Light Elves will die and conquer realm after realm .

It is also really cool to see her not to just become a Thor Odinson clone.  She is not scared to speak her mind or challenge Odin himself.  Foster is also more willing to use her words rather than her fists to solve problems.

The art is extremely bright and colorful.  Having colorful art is perfect for a Thor comic and all the colors of the realms.  There is also a lot of detail in the art like the fur on Loki’s collar which is a little detail, but it adds greatly to the art.

I liked the volume, but I wanted a little more action from it.  A Thor comic should have a badass amount of fighting.  However, this is a different kind of Thor and all that matters is if the story is good and so far it is.

This is a good comic for fans of Thor and for fans of strong female driven superhero comics.


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