We’ve spent a lot of time lately working on a slew of character breakdowns for the third season of Daredevil, which began filming this week. With that production now underway, Marvel Television has turned its attention to the second season of Iron Fist, which is expected to begin production next month under new showrunner, Raven Metzner.

While the grounded approach of the first season didn’t sit well with fans of the comics, it did set up any number of storylines for a second season, including Joy Meachum and Davos teaming up to take out Danny. While we hope to see Davos take on the persona of the Steel Serpent in season two, it seems that IF he returns, he won’t be Danny’s only adversary. While we have no inside info on the character, the breakdown below certainly seems like she could be someone tasked with killing the Iron Fist!

[TANYA PARKER](late-20’s, open ethnicity) As a freelance covert operative, Tanya has carried out many high-level missions.  A chameleon adept at playing roles, Tanya inhabits the “part” that best fits the mission. SERIES REGULAR

If in fact, “Tanya Parker” is meant to assassinate the Iron Fist, we may be seeing a continuation of Danny’s feud with the hand and an adaptation of one of their most lethal ninjas: Lady Gorgon!

Originally introduced in Punisher: War Journal, Lady Gorgon was hired by Jigsaw to eliminate Frank Castle. Despite Castle having his own show, she may be a more natural fit for the second season of Iron Fist given her affiliation with the Hand. In addition to Joy and Davos, we know Madame Gao, one of the five fingers of the Hand, was also lurking in the background as season one ended. Should she have survived The Defenders, perhaps she’s ready to rid the world of the protector K’un Lun and the sworn enemy of the Hand.

Lady Gorgon is just our best guess, of course, and the character could easily turn out to be someone else out to get Danny (Black Mamba or even a female version of the assassin Scimitar come to mind), an ally of Danny’s or even a brand new character but the big news here is that casting is underway and it looks like Iron Fist will be adding another kick-ass female character to the mix!

Stay tuned to That Hashtag Show for more Iron Fist Season 2 character breakdowns coming soon!

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