Damon Lindelof has been hard at work over the last several months adapting Alan Moore‘s groundbreaking comic series Watchmen for HBO. The series, expected to quite different from the 2009 film, but is seems Lindelof, who calls Moore “the greatest writer in the history of comics” is keen to keep the focus on one of the original story’s major themes: in the real world, how do we trust people who wear masks?

Lindelof is acting as the show’s executive producer and seems to be deeply passionate about the show and HBO ordered up a pilot script from the Lost scribe in September. We are happy to break the news that the network is moving forward with the pilot and all systems are go for it to begin filming in March, 2018.

Lindelof has said that the comic book was a dangerous story and that the time is now for it to be revitalized and retold because we are living in “dangerous times.” HBO has committed to back up scripts, in addition to the pilot, so while it may be a dangerous show, it seems that HBO feels it’s a safe bet in the hands of Lindelof.

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