Can Will get his girlfriend and the Book of Remaking back?  Find out in Maestros #3.

At the end of the last issue Wren hits Will in the head and steals the Book of Remaking.  It was unclear why she did this, but we find out why in this issue.  Apparently Rygol knew Will would take in Wren and show her the book so he put a spell on her.

When Will shows her the book she steals it and it worked like a charm.  Wren dropped off the book and then Rygol killed her.  This dark council is trying to open the book, but it can only be opened by someone from Will’s bloodline.

Rygol is not one to give up easily.  All he needs to do is convince Will to open the book.  However, Rygol has a little help once he summons Mardok.  Will’s father banished Mardok, but he is back and the most powerful wizard in the world or at least it appears.

I liked this comic and it has been a little slow to start.  The previous two issue had been a bunch of set-up stuff.  However, this issue introduced the villains and they are truly terrifying.

The character design in the series is really great.  I like how the characters are so weird.  Will’s assistant is a giant sunflower and he was bullied when he was young by a human cactus.  

This series art reminds me of Birthright, but instead of using blues and darker color it has yellows and lighter colors.  I like how gory the issue is.  People are getting ripped apart and blood is everywhere.  It contrasts well with the bright colors.

It is interesting to see the trope of an outsider or unlikely hero saving the day getting turned on its head.  Will walks in and makes some major changes for the good.  The changes are easy and he thinks being a Maestro will be easy.  Will even gets back his long lost girlfriend.  He thinks he is doing the right thing and helping people.  However, Will is making powerful enemies.

Will soon learns he is in over his head.  In so many stories like this the hero always seems to have a lot of luck on their side.  In this Will looks like he has the same good luck, but then everything goes bad very quickly.  I love how my expectations were destroyed and the tone of the comic greatly changed.

This is a really interesting comic and sets up a magical epic.  I love epics and I so seldomly get them as comics.  However, this is on the right track.  Maestros is a pretty good companion comic to Birthright.  I suggest if you like Birthright then Maestros #3 is worth checking out.







Written by: Steve Skroce

Art by:  Steve Skroce, Dave Stewart and Fonografiks

Cover by: Steve Skroce and Dave Stewart

Release: 12/13/2017

Issue: 3

Publisher: Image Comics

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