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By now you have seen multiple reports that Mad Men’s Jon Hamm is after Ben Affleck’s cowl and cape in the DCEU franchise. However, according to Gossip Cop, they have an exclusive statement that denies these rumors;

But Gossip Cop checked in with sources close to the situation, who exclusively assure us that Hamm isn’t campaigning to play Batman. We’re told the webloid’s report is simply “false.” In fact, Hamm revealed in a 2014 interview that he’s already turned down several superhero roles because he doesn’t want to get locked into playing the same character for several years. Regardless, the “Mad Men” star isn’t looking to slip into Affleck’s Batsuit.

Reports also mentioned that Jon Hamm was specifically courting Matt Reeves for the role in his upcoming Batman adaptation, but that Ben Affleck would still don the Batman persona for Flashpoint. From what we know as of now, both Flashpoint and The Batman are set in the same universe so unless the latter film comes after the Flash solo film then none of this makes sense. Trust me, when I first heard the rumors I was excited at the prospect of having one of my favorite actors be Batman in one film, and one of my favorite Batmans in another. It was a win-win!

Although there are conflicting reports, you should be aware that sometimes PR teams, whether that be on behalf of the actor or studio, will start rumors to gauge public reaction. Also, the Jake Gyllenhaal casting rumor has not been debunked. At this stage anything is possible, and either WB or Ben Affleck will have to make a decision, soon.

What do you think? Could Jon Hamm play both Bruce Wayne AND The Batman? Leave your comments below.

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