The Last Jedi

One of the reasons people love Star Wars is because of how incredibly rich in detail every movie is. George Lucas’ vision when making the original 1977 film was to make the galaxy far, far away feel like a real, vivid, lived-in universe. Part of how he accomplished that was to pack every frame with as much stuff as possible. From intricately designed sets and props to the dozens of alien creatures on display in scenes like the Cantina sequence, the original Star Wars was packed with things to see, and that ethos has continued through the other eight films in the franchise.

It’s one of the reasons Star Wars movies are so much fun to rewatch; there’s always some prop or alien or design flourish in the sets hanging around in the background that you’ve never noticed before. And some of those background details are more interesting…or weirder than others.

In The Force Awakens, the honor of Weirdest Background Detail probably goes to the pig butt. That’s right, the pig butt. You may remember that when Finn first arrives at Niima Outpost on Jakku, he’s so desperate for a drink that he winds up sharing a filthy trough with a giant, piglike creature called a Happabore. A couple of shots later, Finn notices Rey being attacked by Unkar Plutt’s goons and runs over to offer some unneeded assistance.

It’s in that shot that, if you’re looking at the right part of the frame, you’ll find yourself staring straight down the barrel of a giant space pig’s anus. Allow me to show you:

The Last Jedi

It’s the kind of thing that, once you’ve seen it, it’s impossible not to look at every time you watch the movie. You’re welcome.

But why am I bringing this up now, you ask? Well, with The Last Jedi finally out, we’ve got a brand new Star Wars movie to obsess over, and there’s bound to be all kinds of background details waiting to be discovered.

So, in the spirit of discovery, I’m issuing a challenge: what’s The Last Jedi’s version of the Happabore butthole? I’m not looking for any old interesting detail, like, “oh hey look at that cool alien in the background of a Canto Bight shot.” I’m looking for hidden gems that are genuinely bizarre, bordering on upsetting.

The obvious answer here is the tits (that’s right, tits, not teats; those things are straight up breast-shaped) of the Ahch-To seacow that Luke milks to Rey’s—and all of our—mild disgust. But that’s not so much a background detail as much as it’s an in-your-face detail that Rian Johnson gave us multiple closeup shots of. I’m wondering if there’s anything similarly twisted hiding in other parts of The Last Jedi, and I’m asking for you help to find out.

I’ve seen The Last Jedi twice now, but I’ll admit that both times I got so wrapped up in the story that I didn’t get the chance to really explore the corners of the frames to find those hidden details. Obviously, a challenge like this will be a lot easier once the movie hits home release, because we can pause and really dig in to these images, but I’m still wondering if there’s anything weird that you guys have already spotted.

So while I go back for another screening to look for myself, feel free to chime in down in the comments if you’ve spotted anything particularly noteworthy that you think other fans should be on the lookout for.

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