Photo via GamerRanx
Photo via GamerRanx

Is Keyboard Support Coming To Xbox One?

For a while now, Xbox fans have been asking for mouse and keyboard support in order to play their video games to their fullest potential. And now, it might actually be coming to consoles. GamerProfessionals spotted an interesting piece of information on Microsoft Poland’s website blog earlier this month. They translated the post as:

Some players prefer to conquer the virtual world with a pad in hand. Others, above all, value the precision of the mouse movements. Others, however, can not imagine playing on anything other than a keyboard. Now, owners of Xbox One consoles (including Xbox One S models and the latest Xbox One X) can choose these accessories and decide for themselves what they will use. “PC Master Race”? Thanks to the keyboard support, we can already successfully talk about “Xbox Master Race”!”

Of course, the blog post was quickly taken down and possibly someone got in trouble for either providing false information or posting too early. I’m really hoping it’s the latter! It sounds like this support could be coming in an update to Xbox One consoles very soon. But soon could mean by the end of 2017 or sometime next year. Do you guys want to see keyboard support for Xbox?

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