There’s been plenty of excitement around Will Smith’s latest film Bright.

With a $90m budget behind it, the feature-length seemed to have the promise of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Even our own writer  Sean thought it was pretty good, check out our review here.

However, according to other critics, Smith’s latest work is a flop.

But with every production company, big-budget flops are bound to happen.

Unfortunately, Bright was really the streaming service’s first victim.

On Rotten Tomatoes, Indiewire critic David Ehrlich said, “Bright isn’t only the worst film of 2017, it could be responsible for many of the worst films of 2018 and beyond.”

It remains to be seen what audiences will make of the film, but Netflix seems confident that it’s a winner, as according to Bloomberg, they’re already ordered a sequel with Will Smith set to return.

“Bright” is the company’s first attempt at a big-budget Hollywood production, bringing together a bona fide movie star in a fantasy, buddy-cop tale that could have come from any studio playbook. Directed by David Ayer, who also made “Suicide Squad,” it’s a warning shot to studios and theater owners that Netflix is targeting a big chunk of the $38.6 billion global box office. To underscore the commitment, the company has already ordered a sequel with Smith signed on.

No mention is made of Joel Edgerton, so either he just hasn’t signed on yet, or perhaps Jakoby may not make it across the finish line.

Is it possible that a Bright series could become notoriously panned like the Sharknado films? Possibly.

Bright is set to premiere on Netflix Friday, December 22

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