Tis the season to be giving and Blizzard just gave Overwatch fans a lot to be thankful for! The Overwatch Winter Wonderland event is now in full swing, with some amazing new skins and other collectible items to bring in the holiday cheer. Plus, if you are like me and just joined this year, all the amazing collectibles from last year are available as well! Wrapping this present up nicely, Blizzard topped off the event by adding holiday variations of Hanamura, Black Forest, and King’s Row.

The items are not the only thing returning this year, game mode Mei’s Snowball Offensive is back. Taking place in the Black Forest this 6-v-6 game mode is a single elimination style arcade. Instead of Mei firing an icicle, she fires a Snowball that is a single hit kill, but you only have one per shot. To gain more ammo, you need to go to the snow packs found on the floor. However, if you gain her ultimate, then her robot will automatically refill your gun. This game lasts three rounds and is a lot of fun.

Want to know how Blizzard could possibly make this winter season even better than last year? THEY ADDED A NEW GAME MODE!!! Mei’s Yeti Hunt is an amazing new game (even better then Mei’s Snowball Offensive) where five players are Mei facing off against one Winston player. Winston searches the map for meat power-ups to fuel his ‘Primal Rage’ ultimate. If Winston reaches his ultimate, then Mei’s job turns from attacking Winston to trying to escape. The concept of Boss mode is new to Overwatch. Of course during Halloween we have Junkenstein’s Revenge where your team has to battle boss like characters, but this is the first time that we get to control the “boss”. By far the best event game to date!!!

Overwatch gifted us seven new skins for this Winter Wonderland event, including some new favorites and some new flops. The best skins comes down to Sombra (Rime) , Junkrat (Beachrat), Roadhog (Ice Fisherman) , and Ana (Snow Owl). These skins are just so amazing, it makes the others seem dull to comparison. Take Bastion (Avalanche) and Solider: 76 (Alpine: 76) for example, I could have gone without winter skins for them in hopes of seeing other characters who’s skins might be more creative. Heck, it would have even been nice to see characters who have been experiencing a skin drought, get a little extra cheer this season. I did find it interesting that Sombra and Roadhog were the only characters to receive winter Skins for both events. Especially if you take into thought that Mei’s character is all about winter. Then there is Hanzo. I don’t hate his look, I don’t like his look, BUT I LOVE THE NAME. At times skin names can be silly, exciting and make zero sense but with Hanzo’s new skin it feels like they couldn’t think up anything. So the fact that the name is Casual, just tickles my funny bone for some very odd reason.

The latest update for Overwatch was not all Winter Wonderland related, in fact we saw a new feature that will change the way reporting is done. The new feature, something I’m super excited about, is if action is taken due to a report you made, you will be notified in game. I can honestly say, sometimes it just felt like reporting did nothing. But this new feature will hopefully change that feeling many have, as well as encourage more people to report by letting them know their voices are indeed heard.

All in all, the Overwatch Winter Wonderland event is starting strong with some amazing skins, new collectibles, fun seasonal games, and a completely new feature to keep the game and our experience running smoothly.

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