Most fans have immersed themselves in the experience of Power Ranger Hyperforce. Not just because it’s a live-action RPG, but because it’s giving Ranger fans a different medium to enjoy the content. The show on HyperRPG has many nods to things of the past in the Power Rangers Universe and seems to connect quite nicely with continuity. Something that doesn’t hold Hyperforce back is a budget. Since the format is that of an RPG using one’s imagination is the key to this experience.

However, not everything you have to imagine in your head. The costumes of the show are one of the key factors to any good Ranger season and Hyperforce is no exception. Overall, fans have really enjoyed the design of the suits. They have many different influences from past season and are the first Ranger team with the exception of the 2017 movie that doesn’t have a Super Sentai counterpart and is original designs.  The person responsible for creating the suits is a huge fan of the franchise and no stranger to Power Rangers. He is Peter Sudarso, the Blue Ninja Steel Ranger, Preston and Red Hyperforce Ranger, Marv. During an episode of THS’ The Ranger Wrap-Up, Sudarso talked about designing the suits.

I designed the suits along with Saban’s team, so I did the concepts. I didn’t do the full designs because at the end of the day I did 6 different concepts, they looked at it and they were like, we like this one.

We went on to ask Peter if what was chosen from Saban his favorite.

No. No. I love the suits but it was not my favorite, but yeah. Those were some of the concepts but I designed the helmets completely different than those (the current Hyperforce helmets) as well. The ones that ended up getting chose were the ones… They liked his helmets, but they wanted to marry it to my suits, and even with the suits, it’s got a sleek design, but I originally wanted a triangle right here (on the left side of the chest) which kind of fit in with the lightning bolt and would have their stuff. With something like that, they needed to level it out, because the helmets originally looked very Mighty Morphin’. It was very organically shaped and had lips and everything so I just took it and gave it a sleek, aggressive fit so it fit the suits better. I fully designed the Lion, the Cerberus helmet, and half of the Ram. Those 3 are the ones I had a big hand in. The Naga and the Pheonix, all I did was change the mouth but pretty much sleeked it up. Everything else was his design. 

The suits designs seem to draw inspiration from many different seasons and even at least one Sentai that hasn’t been adapted. Just by looking at it, Peter is right, they do feel somewhat Mighty Morphin‘ but sleeker. The suits themselves have Mighty Morphin‘ diamonds on them with a hint of the Time Force logo and SPD upper body. Another big inspiration comes from GoBuster, a Super Sentai season that was never adapted in America, at least not yet anyway. Hyperforce creating suits for these Rangers was a must for the show to give the audience an image of how the Rangers would look in their minds. What do you think of these suits? Leave a message in the comments below.

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