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Comic cover for Raising DionIt was reported on October 5 that Netflix picked up hour long sci-fi, family drama, Rasing Dion for 10 episodes. What I want to know, is why did it take TWO MONTHS for me to learn about this amazing story. I stumbled across an adaptation of the short film for Raising Dion (you can watch below) on Facebook while killing time waiting for Overwatch Winter Wonderland to begin. Just clicking play, changed my life.

I love almost every Marvel series on Netflix, but they all kind of seem a little similar. I get the plot has to follow a certain story arc. We are not going to tune in to watch a hero get beat down in every episode with no hope of winning. And yes, dark adulty story lines make for juicy content. But just like listening to your favorite song on repeat 24-7, Marvel series tends to get a little old. That is why, Raising Dion is going to shake up superhero world with this fresh new take.

Michael B. Jordan to play Mark, deceased husband and executive producer.

Raising Dion, is based on Dennis Liu’s short film about an African-American single mother who discovers her young son has a range of superpowers that are constantly changing. Only recently finding out about her son’s abilities following the death of her husband Mark (played by Michael B. Jordan). With the help of Mark’s best friend Pat; Nicole must keep Dion’s gifts secret, while protecting him against anyone out to use him.

I love it because it merges the daily struggle single parents face, with the revolving struggle all superheros face. Plus, the story is told in the narrative of the mother. Giving an exciting new look to a  fan favorite plot line; the psychology behind what influenced people like Superman and Batman. We saw this idea thrive when CW’s Smallville showed Clark Kent as a young high school boy coming into his powers, and again we saw a huge hunger for the idea when Fox’s Gotham aired, showcasing a young Bruce.

I can’t wait for Raising Dion, but I am going to have to due to the fact it is just starting to get into development. Right now Creed star Michael B. Jordan is the only confirmed actor for the new series. Veteran showrunner Carol Barbee ( UnReal, Judging Amy)  teams up with writer-producer Michael Green (American gods, Logan), Charles D. Kings MARCO (Fences) and Liu as director to bring us what I’m deeming an Netflix 2018 highly anticipated show.

I’m so hyped and you will be too as soon as you click play.

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