Another holiday season, another debate about what makes a movie, a “Christmas Movie”. The friendly faces over at Hashtag have been in a month-long debate about whether or not Die Hard is truly a Christmas film. Half the group believes that if a film takes place during Christmas then it’s automatically a Christmas movie. However, the other half believe that a film has to make Christmas the central theme.  I side with the latter.

Christmas movies often dramatize the kinds of shenanigans one has to endure during the holiday season whether that is getting your wishlist fulfilled by Santa (A Christmas Story), finding it impossible to find the toy of the season (Jingle All the Way), or being a ten-year-old lost in New York City (Home Alone 2). Films such as Iron Man 3, and Die Hard merely make light references to the holiday season, but the plots are not tied to it at all. One would even argue that even Love Actually tethers on the line of being an actual Christmas movie since half the stories aren’t dependent on the holiday.

But listen. People will have their holiday film preferences, and I’m not knocking them, but don’t call jelly jam and think that’s the same thing.

Because it’s not.

And thus….Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. Settle the debate below!

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