The filmmakers have liked to repeated link everything across movies and trilogies in a form of a circular pattern, ostensibly as the Force tries to work through to the perfect state of the galaxy. Or something like that.

And, speaking of rings, Snoke is wearing a very impressive huge black Kyber crystal ring in all the latest merchandise and imagery from Episode 8.

New leaks have revealed that the First Order leader has another close link to his villainous predecessor, Vader.

Darth Vader may be gone but his presence already looms large over the final trilogy.

His grandson Ben, now Kylo Ren, idolises him and there are convincing reports and rumors that Anakin or Vader will return as a Force ghost to Rey or Luke in The Last Jedi.

Snoke, however, is mainly interested in the former Sith for another dark reason which could make his dastardy powers even greater.

Leaks from the upcoming visual guide to The Last Jedi have revealed a new connection between the two iconic characters. After all, Vader didn’t just build his castle on Mustafar as a twisted testament to his gruesome defeat by Obi-Wan Kenobi. The site already had powerful Sith links.

The mysterious figure has finally been revealed in the trailers with his right hand stretched towards Rey as he appears to torture her.

On his left hand, however, he wears an enormous black kyber crystal set into a ring. This is believed to grant him even greater access to the Force.

The ring was previously kept at Darth Vader’s castle on the planet of Mustafar, according to the new visual guide.

Theorist Mike Zeroh revealed the shocking link.

He said: “Snoke’s ring is actually gold and around the gold we have these glyphs from the planet Dwartii, which was mentioned in the Darth Plagueis book. The actual obsidian gem embedded in the ring comes from the Sith tomb below Darth Vader’s castle on Mustafar.

“Was Snoke at Darth fader’s castle in the past, or did he send Kylo Ren to the tomb below the castle to retrieve the crystal to complete his ring?”

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