A few weeks ago Star Wars The Last Jedi was unveiled as the longest Star Wars movie ever made. The sequel to The Force Awakens is 15 minutes longer than its predecessor at two and a half hours. Now Luke Skywalker star Hamill has spoken out on his initial shock to the news. Speaking with Vanity Fair, he said: “I was appalled when I heard that.” Hamill continued: “The good news is I’ve seen it, and it’s like The Godfather. It doesn’t feel that long.“And I’m really cranky. I’m one of those guys where you go see, like, a big superhero movie and you go, ‘I really love it, but it’s too long!’” Yesterday the 66-year-old actor appeared on Good Morning America, where he teased the new Star Wars movie. Hamill revealed: “I think that there are much bigger surprises in The Last Jedi.”

He added: “In fact the most important line Luke says is, ‘This is not going to go the way you think.”



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