Just when you thought the story of Supreme Chancellor Snoke was done with The LAST Jedi, more and more tie-in merch keeps coming out with more backstories of the wannabe Sith Lord.

A book that was released with Star Wars: The Last Jedi has a chapter on Snoke where it is stated: “Force sensitive and highly attuned to the Dark Side, but not a Sith, Snoke has trained Kylo Ren and at least one other apprentice. Gizmodo confirmed that this came from a legit official source, so while we still know little about Snoke, we can confirm at least this now.

Snoke’s history and backstory have been one of the most heavily theorized story threads in between TFA and TLJ, and while Snoke was killed off in this latest movie, it’s clear that his influence will still haunt the First Order and Kylo Ren. This piece of side information is extremely interesting, especially because, in the film, Luke explains that when Kylo Ren left, he took a handful of students with him and killed the rest.

The book doesn’t go into further detail, and it is anybody’s guess who is Snoke’s other apprentice, or even if the apprentice is still alive and kicking in the galaxy.

The book further mentions Kylo Ren being master of the Knights of Ren, which was foreshadowed in the Force Vision seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but not featured in Star Wars: The Last Jedi as well.

What do you guys think? Is it time to let the past die with Snoke, or does this open up the possibility of another powerful member of the Dark Side coming into the story?

(via Gizmodo)

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