If you want to have some fun in the theater while watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi for the second or third time try out our drinking game which can be done with an adult beverage of your choice (providing that you are 21+), or your non-alcoholic refreshment. We do not recommend that you do this on your first go around, because there is not a filler scene to spare for a trip to the bathroom.



  • When Someone Reacts To A Death
  • When You See A Wipe Transition
  • Someone Mentions Lightspeed
  • There’s A Moment Played for Laughs
  • Anytime Chewy Yells in Frustration
  • Someone Turns on A Lightsaber
  • Anytime the Audience Cheers
  • When Someone Says “May the Force Be With You”
  • When Someone Says “Use the Force”
  • Anytime Kylo Ren Has a Teenage Freakout
  • Anytime Kylo Has a Serious Moment that makes you or the audience laugh
  • Anytime Someone Makes a Weird Cameo
  • Anytime Someone Gets Wet….which weirdly happens a lot
  • Anytime Someone Says, “Rebel Scum”
  • When Someone Uses The Force
  • When There’s a Training Montage
  • Easter Eggs From Past Movies
  • Anytime Someone Mentions a Dead Character
  • The Millennium Falcon Appears
  • Anytime Main Characters are Reunited
  • Anytime Finn mentions Rey
  • Anytime Rey mentions Finn
  • Anytime Someone Says “Conflict”
  • When a Porg Appears


Anything you think we should add? Leave your comments in the note below!

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