A new member wants to join the Bat family, but find out who they are and if he is accepted in Batman and The Signal #1.

Duke Thomas was one of the hundreds of teenagers to join the “We Are Robin” movement.  Each wore a “R” on their chest and fought to take back their city.  After this Thomas was asked to join the Bat family.

The issue opens with the whole Bat family minus Batman at a huge dining table with Thomas on the end.  Everyone is discussing whether or not Thomas should be allowed to join, but it is not really going his way.

Batman enlisted Thomas who now goes by the name The Signal to be a daytime hero and for someone who knows the streets in a way different than himself.  Thomas takes the job very seriously and begins fighting villains.  The first one he fights is a teenage who can create a negative space named, Null.

Thomas is very different than other Bat Family members in a huge way.  He is a meta, but he is still discovering his power.  At this point he can’t even activate it on command.  Thomas has the ability to see where light has been and where it will be.

This comic is really bad and I hated it.  I have not been keeping up on current DC and did not read the We Are Robin comic.  Maybe he is a really cool and interesting character elsewhere.  However, in this he is utterly boring.

I think the worst thing is his power.  Being able to see where light has been or will go sounds real dumb, but maybe it has a use I am not realizing.  However, we do get to see him use it on Null.  

Null pulls solar energy in and creates negative space and Thomas is able to see the points where the power concentrates.  Using this he is able to defeat Null.  He does this by punching him in the throat and then kicking him in the face.  Wow what quick thinking and maybe next time he will kick someone in the balls.

Having a terrible power as a joke can be fun, but when it is done completely serious and in a very serious comic it is odd.  How am I supposed to take him seriously?  Batman really likes him though and even built him his own lair.

I hate to completely bash this comic, but I just really hated it.  The art was good though.  It was not exceptional but is also not bad.  It is perfectly satisfactory.

I like the idea of having a daytime hero.  This is a really interesting idea because Batman is always associated with nighttime, but crime happens during the day too.  The concept is the strongest piece of the comic.

This is an easily passable comic and I highly suggest skipping it.  The story is boring, Signal is boring [in this at least] and his power is awful.







Written by: Tony Patrick and Scott Snyder

Art by:  Cully Hamner and Laura Martin

Cover by: Cully Hamner

Release: 1/03/2017

Issue: 1

Publisher: DC Comics

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