A new player enters the scene and makes this upcoming battle a triple threat in Batman: White Knight #4.

When we last left off in issue #3 the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn took over the Mad Hatter controlled villains.  She is assembling her army to get Joker back.

Jack Napier aka Joker is making things very hard for the people in charge of Gotham.  He embarrassed the GCPD and is making Batman into public enemy #1.  Gordon has a meeting with someone maybe the mayor in a limo.  He wants Gordon to arrest Napier or do whatever it takes to stop him.

Meanwhile Napier is at a rally in the rough part of town.  He is in Backport with the unofficial head of Backport, Duke.  Duke is endorsing Napier for city council.  After the rally they plan to protest the Gotham elites and Backport being forgotten.  Harvey Bullock is being difficult [big surprise] and will not let the march pass the police line.

Bullock starts to shout at Duke meanwhile Gordon is telling him to stand down and let them pass.  However, just when things are about to boil over Batman, Nightwing and Batgirl arrive on scene and Batman kicks over the figurative boiling pot.  Batman starts roughing up Napier and the crowd is about to riot.

However, something very unexpected happens.  Napier goes with Batman and the GCPD peacefully as he wants the two sides to get along.  He is pretty sure he will get elected to city council and wants to get off on the right foot.

While meeting with Gordon, Bullock and Renee Montoya we hear Napier’s plan.  Napier’s plan is so good that everyone wants to reject it but simply can’t.  Batman is a big part of the plan, but everyone knows he will never go for it.  It really is a good plan.

We finally get to learn about Suicide Squad Harley Quinn who is now going by the name Neo Joker.  She was a bank teller named Marian Drews.  I will call her this from now on to avoid confusion  

One day Joker robbed her bank.  She was so nervous she began helping Joker fill the bags with money.  After a while at the bank Joker started calling her Harley.  Drews was so terrified Joker would kill her she started playing along.  She got in deeper and deeper and just never left Joker’s side.

To no one’s surprise and least of all mine I loved this issue.  I really wanted to know what the deal was with the second Harley. Napier seems to have changed and is a force for good.  However, we get little glints of the Joker in there in the way he is executing his plan.  I don’t really trust Napier, but he has done nothing but good so far.

Again every issue which is released has me very excited.  Lately currently running comics I love have been very slow and boring, but not this one.  This may be the best issue of the series so far.

All the plot points I have questions on are being answered and the answers are satisfactory.  This is how comics should be done.  I have to mention the art, but I don’t know what else I can say.  It is amazing and will continue to be amazing as long as this team is together.

Everyone who is at least somewhat of a Batman fan should be reading this.  This is my favorite ongoing series right now.   Batman: White Knight #4 is amazing from top to bottom.






Written by: Sean Murphy

Art by:  Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth

Cover by: Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth

Release: 1/03/2017

Issue: 4

Publisher: DC Comics


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